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Training Description At end of 5 day program participants will obtain working knowledge of the application of LEAN SIX SIGMA in projects related to Process improvement, process re-engineering, cost saving, value stream mapping and relevant concepts. Course includes training and examination fee.

Training Objectives

  • Current Improvement methods and Shortcomings
  • Benefits of LEAN Six Sigma
  • The Strategic nature of LEAN Six Sigma
  • Critical Success Factors of Organization for LEAN SIX SIGMA Implementation
  • Management Role and LEAN SIX SIGMA training
  • LEAN SIX SIGMA Metric and its Analysis
  • The LEAN SIX SIGMA Methodology (DMAIC)
  • The Statistical Tools of LEAN SIX SIGMA (Toolkit) Data Collecting Tools
  • Process mapping and other Tools
  • Selecting LEAN SIX SIGMA Projects Measurement and Analysis of Process requirement Customer Satisfaction Management
  • Measurement of Project Impact Conducting a LEAN SIX SIGMA Project Exercises and Simulation

 Who Should Attend

  • All Service Support and Delivery Staff
  • All Quality Managers and Contributors
  • All Project and Program Managers

Training Outline

Day 1: 


  • What is LEAN SIX SIGMA Management?
  • How to install Six Sigma
  • Project Selection

Day 2 & 3: 

Detailed DMAIC Method

  • Explanation in detail of the DMAIC Road Map
  • Basic Six Tools

Day 4:

Quick LEAN SIX SIGMA Tools Explained

Practical LEAN SIX SIGMA Management on GB  

Syndicate Work: Participants will work as a team on a practical project related to Banking process improvement or related initiatives of cost saving which may involve data collection. Project Work to gain confidence in the LEAN SIX SIGMA fieldwork: Project must be documented in the class. The participants will be exposed to various techniques and scenarios used in the banking sector related to LEAN SIX SIGMA.

Day 5:

Exam preparation & past class questions discussion

Examination – 100 Multiple Choice Questions in 3 hours  

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LEAN Six Sigma – Green Belt

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