Company Profile

SWI Consultants, being an education consultancy provider, focuses on a wide range of courses and trainings consider each one of them Forte. We expect our clients to keep full faith in us and let us prove our capabilities.

Our aim has always been to get the best compliment ever, which is not just from our client’s satisfaction but far beyond it – and is completely impossible without our team of IT consultants, Business Analyst, Multimedia & Advertising experts.

SWI Consultants commenced its operations in Karachi, Pakistan in May 2016. In 2016, SWI Consultants opened its offices in Karachi & Kuala Lumpur. The regional offices provide outreach to the secondary cities in the provinces to enable students from districts and smaller towns access to counseling and guidance services. The agency provides comprehensive service on career counseling, admission application processing, visa application facilitation and pre-departure briefings to all our clients. SWI’s focus is on providing accurate information to the students about academic opportunities in Malaysia and facilitates the students in selecting the right career and institution hence placing them in an environment conducive to their needs and ability.

Corporate Overview Who We Are

Who Are We

SWI Consultants is a custom student consultancy services firm based in Karachi Pakistan & Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. We have extensive experience in many diverse areas of both Education Consultancy & Corporate Training’s.

What We Do

Unlike most education consultancy companies, we realize that’s only part of the job. We don’t just process overseas education. We brainstorm as many ideas as possible to bring awareness in peoples regarding higher education abroad, focusing specialized courses which are not available in Pakistan. This is why our clients choose SWI Consultants.

Executive Summary

SWI Consultants is an established Student Consultancy firm with national office in Karachi, Pakistan & International Office in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

We are following comprehensive well documented Requirements, Design, Change Management, Effort Estimation, and Project management processes

Quality Policy

Quality Policy Statement

“SWI Consultants is committed to provide efficient and quality services through continuous improvements towards customer satisfaction”

Quality Policy Objectives

  • To meet the clients’ charters for the counter services and e-services
  • To provide accurate and updated corporate and business information
  • To provide a conducive corporate and business environment through a dynamic legal framework
  • To inculcate a culture of compliance through continuing education